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News & Media : Bill Wong | 黃健安



CalMatters - June 3, 2022

As Asian American voters ascend, a key battle in Orange County

"Wong pointed to a 2010 independent expenditure committee, funded by organized labor to turn out Asian American voters for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, as another turning point. At nearly $1 million, it was a relative drop in the bucket of that massively expensive race against Republican Meg Whitman, but comprised perhaps the most significant campaign investment ever to that point aimed at Asian Americans — the result, Wong said, of Asian Americans leading three of California’s largest unions at the time. In the final weeks of the election, Whitman launched her own ad blitz targeting Asian American voters. 'A seat at the table isn’t given. It’s taken,' Wong said."

KQED - March 29, 2022

Flurry of Special Elections Opens Doors for New Wave of California Lawmakers

"The off-cycle elections also caught many political hopefuls off guard and led some candidates to launch campaigns without sufficient preparation, said Bill Wong, former political adviser to the Assembly Democrats."

KQED - March 17, 2022

Bill Wong on an AAPI 'Prop 187 moment' and the state of the Democrats' supermajority

Bill Wong, recently retired Political Director of the California Assembly Democrats, shares his thoughts on the rebate proposals, the "Prop 187 moment" facing AAPI voters and the history and future of the Democrats' supermajority in the state legislature.

Capitol Weekly - August 25, 2021

No. 46: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

"The pandemic has affected us all, but for Bill Wong, it’s been particularly difficult: Hate crimes targeting Asian Americans grew exponentially during COVID-19, and the trend appears to be continuing. Wong, who successfully worked on legislation to deal with the issue, is the Democrats’ top political strategist for the Asian American community, and is the adviser to the Legislature’s Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus. Wong is a senior adviser to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, and he serves as the political director to the Assembly Democrats. The Assembly is handily controlled by Democrats, which means Wong is definitely doing something right. Wong has worked inside the Capitol as a chief of staff to two Assembly members and to one senator. He has served on the board of Chinese for Affirmative Action, as an adviser to the Asian Pacific Islander Capital Association and as board Member of the Asian Pacific American Leadership Project. His bachelor’s degree from UC Davis is in political science and Asian American Studies. Perfect training."

CalMatters - August 20, 2021

In California primaries, sometimes the winning strategy is to help a foe

"But Bill Wong, political consultant for Democrats in the Assembly, points to something else. He cites independent spending by the California Association of Realtors and other business and labor groups that poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into advertisements supporting Fox and lambasting the Democrat favored by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Johnathon Ervin."

Capitol Weekly - March 28, 2021

Capitol Weekly Podcasts: Bill Wong

Veteran political strategist Bill Wong has been a longtime leader in California’s Asian Pacific Islander political community, and is a recognized expert on AAPI voters. While Wong should have been celebrating last week’s appointment of Rob Bonta as California Attorney General – the first Filipino American to hold the office – he was instead dealing with the fallout of a nationwide spree of racially-motivated attacks, culminating in a mass shooting in Georgia that claimed the lives of six Asian women.

Los Angeles Times - December 20, 2016

A vast, mostly untapped donor base could propel John Chiang to become California’s first Asian American governor

"Democratic political consultant Bill Wong said that for many, those ethnic bonds remain stronger than partisan allegiance and that, in part, has helped fuel the political ascension of Asian American politicians in the state. Wong remembers when, in the 1980s, there wasn’t a single Asian American state lawmaker. In the California Legislature, there are now 15 lawmakers in the Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus. Two of California’s eight statewide officeholders are Asian American: Chiang and Controller Betty Yee."

Politico Playbook - August 2, 2016

THE BUZZ: Gov's race 2018 cash battle ­­

Sacramento consultant Bill Wong tells POLITICO that State Treasurer John Chiang, who's announced a 2018 run for governor ­­ challenging Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom ­­ "is going to report raising nearly $2.3 million in the 45 days since announcing his run for Governor, and will have more than $5 million cash on hand.''  He notes: "Newsom raised $125K in his 1st 45 days and it took him nearly 6 months to raise $2.6 million'' in the first six months of 2015. Wong isn't affiliated with the Treasurer's campaign, but says: "Looks like Chiang for Gov is legit for any doubters that were out there."


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