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Los Angeles Times - December 20, 2016

A vast, mostly untapped donor base could propel John Chiang to become California’s first Asian American governor

"Democratic political consultant Bill Wong said that for many, those ethnic bonds remain stronger than partisan allegiance and that, in part, has helped fuel the political ascension of Asian American politicians in the state. Wong remembers when, in the 1980s, there wasn’t a single Asian American state lawmaker. In the California Legislature, there are now 15 lawmakers in the Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus. Two of California’s eight statewide officeholders are Asian American: Chiang and Controller Betty Yee."

Politico Playbook - August 2, 2016



Sacramento consultant Bill Wong tell POLITICO that State Treasurer John Chiang, who's announced a 2018 run for governor ­­ challenging Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom ­­ "is going to report raising nearly $2.3 million in the 45 days since announcing his run for Governor, and will have more than $5 million cash on hand.''  He notes: "Newsom raised $125K in his 1st 45 days and it took him nearly 6 months to raise $2.6 million'' in the first six months of 2015. Wong isn't affiliated with the Treasurer's campaign, but says: "Looks like Chiang for Gov is legit for any doubters that were out there."